Vanguard Players Frustrated With Lack of Incendiary Nerf

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Despite the launch of Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty Vanguard, players dropping into multiplayer are continuing to express their frustrations involving the controversial Incendiary Grenade which made its debut at the beginning of Season 1. Within the patch notes for the mid-season update, Sledgehammer Games decreased the damage output of the grenade, much to the approval of the community.

While the grenade may not deal as much damage as before, there are a wealth of other incendiary-related issues that are continuing to plague Vanguard multiplayer, including limitations to visibility and screen shake that affects players hit with the grenade.

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Vanguard Incendiary Grenade Nerf

Call of Duty Vanguard Incendiary Grenade Nerf
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To show their dissatisfaction, Reddit user 'ObamaFlows' posted a recent clip demonstrating that there are still plenty of issues surrounding Incendiary Grenades in Vanguard multiplayer. Thanks to some Perk adjustments, players can gain immunity from any fire which allows them to move around the map rather than fall victim to a constant barrage of fire.

One commenter claimed that the visual issues currently affecting players are rendering Vanguard "unplayable," claiming that nothing has been changed other than players can now "survive for a few more seconds before you burn to death." The incendiary nerf was one of many changes included in the Season 1 Reloaded update which saw the introduction of the Welgun submachine gun and Isabella, the third Operator from Taskforce Trident.

When Will Incendiary Grenades Get Fixed?

Sledgehammer Games has already revealed that it intends on taking further action to bring Incendiary Grenades in like with the rest of Vanguard's equipment in the coming weeks. With Perks that already reduce fire damage, it will be interesting to see what the developer will do to balance it even further.

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