How to Get Call of Duty Vanguard's Incendiary Grenade and New Perks

The new Call of Duty Vanguard roadmap is here, and Vanguard Season 1 is full of new additions, including two perks and a new grenade type, the special incendiary grenade. All three are locked behind the paid battle pass, though, so you'll need to shell out some money and devote a good bit of time to the game if you want to unlock some of Season 1's powerful new changes.

How to Unlock Serpentine Perk in CoD Vanguard

Serpentine reduces damage taken while sprinting. A regular sprint reduces damage from incoming projectiles, while Tactical Sprinting reduces damage by more than a quarter.

This perk unlocks once you reach Tier 21 of the Season One battle pass.

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How to Unlock Intuition Perk in CoD Vanguard

Intuition is Vanguard's version of High Alert and lets you sense incoming threats before they come into sight. The range is short, so you won't be able to foes unless they get fairly close. However, it's a handy way to prepare yourself for threats before they're upon you. Intuition works automatically, so unlike with Piercing Vision, you don't need to suppress foes first.

Intution unlocks once you reach Tier 44 of Season 1's battle pass.

How to Unlock Special Incendiary Grenade in CoD Vanguard

The new incendiary grenade is similar to the Firebombing Run killstreak, except it's throwable and, obviously, smaller. This piece of lethal equipment deals damage in a wide area and starts a fire in a mid-sized radius. Anyone in that radius receives burn damage along with damage from the initial blast. Burn damage increases the longer the target stays within the grenade's blast range and lasts longer than the Molotov Cocktail's burn damage.

You'll unlock the Special Incendiary Grenade at Tier 39 of the Season 1 battle pass.

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