Vanguard Glitch Causes Giant Hands To Block View

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Vanguard players are no strangers to game-breaking bugs and glitches impacting multiplayer matches. Issues including the screens of players to flip continue to appear despite the best efforts of Sledgehammer Games.

As focus turns towards the launch of Season 3, Operators often appear as factors that cause certain bugs and glitches to appear and it appears that the in-game characters are affecting gameplay once again.

This time around, the hands of Operators are expanding making it impossible for players to see their surroundings and any potential opposition that could head their way.

Vanguard Giant Hand Operator Glitch
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Vanguard Giant Hand Glitch

During a hotly-contested match on Gavutu, Reddit user 'Muted_Eye8259' shared an issue where the hands of the character completely obscured their view of the action around them.

The above video shows the hands of their player model let go of their weapon of choice before covering their monitor, preventing them from moving anywhere. Commenters mentioned that a similar glitch appeared on Modern Warfare and Warzone, suggesting the problem could stem from the game engine.

Others suggest the issue comes from using the Sten submachine gun. "I think it is that gun specifically when I was doing camos for it I lost a lot of 1 on 1s because I couldn't see anything but arm/hand," says one user.

How to Fix Vanguard Giant Hand Glitch

For those looking for a potential workaround to this hugely infuriating glitch, it appears that you may have to switch Operators or avoid using the Sten altogether until Sledgehammer Games applies a fix. Another glitch is far from ideal but the start of Season 3 could well address several problems affecting players.

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