"That Game is F***ing Garbage" - FormaL Hates The New Call of Duty Vanguard

Compared to Halo Infinite, Call of Duty Vanguard is not doing well. There's no denying it; Halo has held the hearts of gamers for much longer and is responsible for the mass love of FPS games. No one, however, has gone as far as Matthew' FormaL' Piper has in his complete roast of Vanguard.

He gave a scathing review of Vanguard when asked how he felt about not playing it professionally. Activision couldn't fine him anymore, so he felt free to be open and honest. Nonetheless, this is something Activision will hate to hear.

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FormaL on Call of Duty Vanguard

This is one of the biggest burns in Call of Duty Vanguard has ever been given by a pro. To quote FormaL:

"How do I feel to not play Vanguard? F***ing happy bro. Not gonna lie, I think that game is like f***ing garbage. I think it looks boring, I think it looks like, like s****y in terms of gameplay, I think the spawns are shit, I think there's glitches, I think there's bad maps… I think they really dropped the ball on that one, I'm not gonna lie… Halo looks great."

"Halo looks great," is the best ending to a rant against Call of Duty Vanguard ever. The best way to damage a game is to roast it and then compliment its competition. Activision can't touch FormaL anymore, as he states, "Can't fine me for s***."

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The company fined players who badmouthed Activision games at one time. I'm glad FormaL has the freedom to say what he wants. We should let more Esports players express their true feelings.

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