FormaL Dropped for Snip3down in FaZe Halo Infinite Esports Team

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As FaZe Clan's Halo Infinite Esports Team continues to grow, it includes some of the industry's best professionals. There are rumors that Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona was added to their roster when this article was written. We only know because Matthew 'FormaL' Piper was supposed to take that spot and has since been removed.

In FormaL's view, it was a situation where they were trying to get Snip3down and weren't able to do so. Now that Snip3down is joining FaZe Clan, FormaL has had his offer rescinded for joining their Halo Infinite esports team. Despite no hard feelings from FormaL, Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen may not feel the same way.


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FaZe Clan Halo Infinite

Here's what we know, and it comes directly from FormaL. At first, FaZe Clan asked Snip3down to join their Halo Infinite Esports Team, but Snip3down declined. In the following tweet, he reflects when he was asked:

Eventually, FaZe Clan went to FormaL and offered FormaL the spot. FormaL accepted and was thrilled. According to FormaL, Snip3down later said that he did want the spot, so FaZe Clan dropped FormaL for Snip3down.

The tweet by ImperialHal seems to be a reaction to the news that Snip3down is leaving TSM for FaZe Clan.

This pairs with ImperialHal saying to "wait for the announcement" and "confirms" what FormaL leaked in this video. Here's the sum up from my friends at Esports Talk:

Is it true that Snip3down will leave Apex Legends for Halo Infinite? Probably. However, until Snip3down himself confirms it, we won't say it's confirmed.

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