Call of Duty Pros Are Starting To Prefer Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Esports crushed Call of Duty with its launch. Most fans didn't expect this kind of push against Call of Duty, but it's happening. Call of Duty got comfortable, and now Halo Infinite threatens to take over.

Halo Infinite Esports has already seen players like FormaL and Snip3down trying to move there. It is more evident in tweets from real pros that they prefer Halo Infinite. I find it hard to believe anyone thought this game would drop without success.

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Halo Infinite vs Call of Duty

Here's Nadeshot, who founded 100 Thieves and was a pro for OpTic Gaming, discussing Halo. He praises its "Balanced maps, ranked play and a multi-million dollar tournament circuit out of the gate."

Any company trying to make friends with 343 Industries would use this kind of language. However, now we have a professional Call of Duty player who plays Halo Infinite in his free time:

That's pretty normal because everyone loves a good launch. However, Parasite, a Call of Duty world champion, tweeted about how Halo Infinite is more popular than Call of Duty.

It's clear; Halo Infinite is a real contender in esports. Call of Duty, Halo Infinite has returned to take back the crown. Special thanks to my friend Jacob Halo from Dexerto for finding these Tweets!

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