Vanguard Players Demand Counter To Combat Shields

While the Combat Shield may not stand a chance against the rest of the Vanguard weapon arsenal, several players find it particularly useful when it comes to blocking any incoming gunfire.

A means to protect players from a barrage of bullets, Combat Shields, or Riot Shields often feature in a Call of Duty title as an unorthodox weapon that's highly effective in specific scenarios.

As Season 2 continues to progress, some players are wondering if the melee weapon has received a silent buff after claiming players with a shield on their backs are even harder to deal with.

Vanguard Combat Shield Counter
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Vanguard Combat Shield Counter

According to Reddit user 'sweetasthepunch07', there are numerous issues that give players using a Combat Shield an unfair advantage. These benefits reportedly range from increased movement speed and an increase in explosive resistance.

Several players agreed with the statement, with many demanding some form of counter to add some kind of balance to the somewhat overpowered shield. "Let us shoot through them with FMJ rounds," suggested one user.

Have Vanguard Combat Shields Been Buffed?

If we take a look at the Season 2 patch notes, there's no mention of any kind of adjustments to the Combat Shield but the changes players have noticed are certainly interesting. Whether Sledgehammer Games will nerf the Combat Shield and its effectiveness is unclear.

Judging by the reaction of some players, many are hoping for change to arrive sooner rather than later.

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