Vanguard Season 2 Update Changes Launcher Camo Challenges

Earning camouflages for the launchers available in Vanguard is a tricky process. Throughout Season 1, various issues prevented players from unlocking certain camo, leaving them unable to get their hands on the coveted Atomic camo.

Within the Season 2 patch notes, Sledgehammer Games revealed a wealth of changes in addition to brand-new content ranging from the Anna Operator to the Whitley LMG.

One of the significant changes made includes changes to the Launcher camo challenges, making them much easier to complete over the course of a multiplayer match.

Vanguard Launcher Camo Challenges
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Vanguard Launcher Camo Changes

With each weapon featuring a set of challenges, Vanguard failed to track progress for the Deadeye challenges. Destroying three enemy Killstreaks in a single match 30 times sounds relatively straightforward but progress towards the challenge never counted towards the rewards.

Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games revealed changes to the Deadeye Launcher challenge, making it much easier to complete. "Ground-based Killstreaks now count towards the 'Deadeye' camo," meaning Flamenauts and Attack Dogs will count.

How To Complete Vanguard Launcher Deadeye Challenges

Thanks to the changes, there are a few new techniques that players can use to complete the Deadeye challenges as fast as possible. Shoot the Launcher at any enemy Attack Dogs when they're called into action. Their relatively low health means they're very easy to eliminate with a single rocket. We recommend sticking to smaller maps such as Das Haus, Radar, and Shipment.

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