Best M1 Bazooka Loadout, Blueprints & Attachments in Call of Duty Vanguard

In order to deal with the wide range of Killstreaks that are available to use in Call of Duty: Vanguard, launchers are sometimes the only way of preventing them from dealing levels of damage that could turn the tide of a match. One of the two available launchers is the M1 Bazooka that's able to fire 60mm explosive rounds onto any desired target. As Season 1 gets underway, the Bazooka could become even more useful if nerfs to other secondary weapons take place.

While the ability to deal massive damage is high, the slow reloading speeds often lead to players getting caught out and eliminated, putting a premature end to their explosive rampages. In this guide, find the best M1 Bazooka loadout to use in Vanguard's multiplayer.

Call of Duty Vanguard is out now. Follow the link to read our Vanguard review and early impressions.

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How To Unlock The M1 Bazooka

With the Bazooka being a part of the Vanguard arsenal when the game releases, players can obtain the launcher by working their way through the levels by playing the game. If the launcher's unlock level has remained the same from the beta, Level 21 will be when the Bazooka is available to use.

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The Best M1 Bazooka Loadout in Vanguard

With no attachments available to equip onto the Bazooka, selecting Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrades is more important than usual. Here's the best loadout to succeed with this particular launcher.

Primary Weapon

  • STG 44

As the very best assault rifle to use in Vanguard, the STG 44 is the perfect weapon to complement the immense power of the Bazooka. With the launcher only being useful in a handful of situations, dominate the opposition with this deadly assault rifle. Find the best attachments to equip in our loadout guide.


  • Perk 1: Survival Training
  • Perk 2: High Alert
  • Perk 3: Double Time

Survival Training increases your resistance to any Tactical equipment likely to come your way. With immunity to the effects of gas and stun grenades, it's very easy to maintain focus with the Bazooka in hand. For further awareness, High Alert is the way to go. If an opponent outside of your vision has spotted you, an orange flash will alert you, giving you enough time to relocate. Lastly is Double Time. The Bazooka is far from mobile so any movement benefits when using it are essential.


  • Lethal: Demolition Charge
  • Tactical: MK V Gas

For those unfamiliar with the Demolition Charge, it works like C4 did in previous titles. Throw the explosive in a busy area of the map and detonate it quickly by tapping Square/X for a quick dose of additional damage. Gas Grenades are heavily underrated and with many players opting to use Ghost instead of Survival Training, it's a great way of dealing gradual damage which can be answered with a well-placed rocket to secure the kill.

Field Upgrade

  • Supply Box

With only two rockets available, it's very easy to run out of ammunition for the Bazooka which is why we've selected the Supply Box as our Field Upgrade. Place it on the ground to resupply anywhere on the map in order to continue destroying killstreaks and large groups of the opposition.

The Best M1 Bazooka Blueprints in Vanguard

Even the Bazooka will receive some kind of blueprint over the course of the Vanguard cycle! With no attachments to equip, the designs for the launcher are sure to be unique. As soon as we find one, we will update the guide with all the information you need to know in order to get your hands on it.

There you have it, that's the best M1 Bazooka loadout to use in Call of Duty: Vanguard. For more guides, check out the best Combat Shield loadout and how to complete Elite Operator challenges.

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