Sledgehammer Games Reveals Nerf to STG 44 and Type 100 Attachments

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Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard is right around the corner, and while details on what will be included have yet to be revealed, Sledgehammer Games has been hard at work adjusting various elements of the game to ensure some kind of balance is maintained.

The game has been out across all platforms for a few weeks and from the outset, the STG 44 assault rifle and Type 100 SMG skyrocketed in popularity thanks to players being able to equip an attachment combination that kills an opponent with two bullets to the chest. Players were quick to deem this combination overpowered, so the developer has intervened with some changes.

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STG 44 & Type 100 Vanguard Nerf

STG 44 COD Vanguard Nerfed
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Prior to the nerf, players could equip the Vital Proficiency and Large Calibre rounds which would drastically improve the firepower of both weapons, giving them incredibly fast times to kill, much to the annoyance of those using other weapons that couldn't compete. Alongside the arrival of Shipment on November 17th, Sledgehammer Games unveiled a new set of patch notes along with changes to the November 16th notes which confirmed that the "Vital + Cal Up combination" had been nerfed.

Are The STG & Type 100 Still Good in Vanguard?

Despite the nerf, these two weapons are still extremely strong options in Vanguard multiplayer, with both possessing excellent fire rates and minimal levels of recoil, enabling you to eliminate the opposition with ease. One set of weapons that won't be so strong in the not too distant future is the shotgun category after Sledgehammer Games promised a widespread nerf is coming soon.

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