Modern Warfare 2 Reveal: Date, Time, Leaks, and More

June 8, 2022:

After weeks of teasers, the worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare 2 is today!

Be sure to check the Modern Warfare 2 reveal time so you don't miss the grand unveiling of Infinity Ward's latest title.

While we know plenty of information about Modern Warfare 2 through various leaks, Infinity Ward is yet to share any official information on the sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare. Officially, we know that the legendary Task Force 141 is returning and the release date is earlier than expected but we expect plenty more intel to emerge during the Modern Warfare 2 reveal.

Infinity Ward teases a possible date for the big reveal in its release date trailer where epic artworks showcasing the main characters appear on shipping containers.

Typically, Call of Duty reveals share information on what the new game includes. Current rumours point towards a new extraction mode known as DMZ appearing alongside multiplayer and a new single-player campaign. With that said, find all there is to know about the Modern Warfare 2 reveal in our hub!

Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Date

The short release date trailer teases a reveal date on the side of a container. The code reading "J.8.22" confirms the reveal will take place on June 8, 2022.

That was reiterated by a teaser called 'Ultimate Team' that released in early June. It shows off Ghost, Price, Soap, and others in a military van. Panning around the members of the squad in the midst of a treacherous journey, it then confirms a global reveal for June 8. Check out the trailer below.

What To Expect From the Modern Warfare 2 Reveal

The first reveal for any Call of Duty title often focuses on the campaign and some context behind various philosophies used to develop the game. With Infinity Ward using the brand-new IW9 engine, we expect to hear plenty of information on how it enhances gameplay.

In addition, short snippets of campaign gameplay will feature in the reveal. The brief look at Task Force 141 in action will be plenty to whet the appetite of Modern Warfare fans eagerly awaiting Modern Warfare 2's launch.

For fans of multiplayer, there's a high chance June's reveal won't contain any information on what Infinity Ward has in store. Instead, a dedicated multiplayer reveal is likely to take place and share more information on game modes, gunplay, map design, and more.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Setting

According to leaks, the Modern Warfare 2 campaign is set across North America. This theory is supported by the images of Task Force 141 that all demonstrate white outlines of maps on their faces.

Notable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson has found Ghost's face contains an outline of the Gulf of California while another image shows downtown Chicago.

During the reveal, we will hear more about the Modern Warfare 2 campaign setting, so stay frosty until the reveal takes place.

That's all there is to know about the Modern Warfare 2 reveal. For more, check out our page for all the latest news and leaks on Infinity Ward's next title.

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