All characters in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) campaign

Image showing Captain Price from Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision

Image showing Captain Price from Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision

Move aside Vanguard: attention is fully on the next entry into the Call of Duty franchise. Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the hugely popular Modern Warfare from 2019, is already live with players jumping into the single-player

With players reuniting with Task Force 141 to prevent another global catastrophe, there are numerous Modern Warfare 2 campaign characters making their very first appearance in the franchise.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2022 campaign characters

Modern Warfare 2 2022 Campaign Characters
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After playing through the campaign, there are plenty of characters that appear over numerous missions taking place across the world.

  • Captain John Price
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • "Soap" MacTavish
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick
  • Colonel Alejandro Vargas
  • Rodolfo
  • Commander Phillip Graves - Shadow Company Owner
  • CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell
  • General Shepherd
  • Nikolai
  • Farah Karim
  • Valeria Garza
  • Diego Salgado
  • Nunez

Reprising his role of Captain Price will be Barry Sloane, who voiced the legendary SAS captain in 2019's Modern Warfare, adding a further layer of personality to a character synonymous with the franchise.

Alongside Price, the likes of Ghost and Soap will also be returning a new face known as Alejandro Vargas from the Mexican Special Forces. Does the presence of Vargas give us clues about a potential location for the single-player story? Only time will tell.

That's everything we know about the characters appearing in the Modern Warfare 2 (2022) campaign. Once we know more, we will update this article with the latest information. In the meantime, check out our dedicated Modern Warfare 2 (2022) hub for all the latest leaks, rumours, and intel.

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