Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Map Images Leaked

Image showing Modern Warfare player firing crossbow
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare player firing crossbow
Credit: Activision

Excitement levels surrounding the launch of Modern Warfare 2 are building. While Infinity Ward has shared a small slice of information on the new title, leaks continue to unveil even more intel on the developer's next title.

In addition to an all-new AI creating higher levels of realism within the campaign and multiplayer, fans are already impressed with amazing audio while others are waiting for the beta to cast their judgement.

Thanks to the files for Warzone Mobile, the loading screens from several Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps have appeared despite the closed alpha of the battle royale being under a strict NDA.

Modern Warfare 2 Map Images Leaked

The leaker claims they have access to a wealth of loading screens for the Core and Ground War maps that will arrive in Modern Warfare 2 on October 28.

One of four images leaked shows the Grand Prix map set in Singapore. It shows two F1-style cars racing across the finish line while multiple skyscrapers overlook the track.

In addition to the leaked images for the core multiplayer modes, the leaker also shares images of new Ground War maps that will eventually come together to create the Warzone 2 map. One image shows a lighthouse from the Fishtown map.

Modern Warfare 2 Map Codenames

In addition to the images, the leaker shares a list of codenames for some of the Modern Warfare 2 maps currently in the files:

  • Action_park,
  • agentperf
  • ancient
  • backstab
  • catedral
  • climb
  • cruce
  • davos
  • dogtown
  • esports gym
  • exhume
  • favela
  • firing range
  • floating bay
  • grand prix
  • killhouse
  • lighthouse
  • luxury
  • mountain town
  • narcos
  • oilfield
  • ridge
  • runner
  • saba
  • salvage
  • tokyo
  • yellow castle
  • Hydro
  • Museum
  • Swap Meet
  • Fishtown
  • farm

It's unclear if a multiplayer reveal for Modern Warfare 2 will take place but with the beta likely taking place in September, there's still plenty of time for an official reveal. In the meantime, take leaks with a pinch of salt.

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