Best Modern Warfare 2 AX-50 loadout 2022

Image showing Modern Warfare player holding AX-50 sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare player holding AX-50 sniper rifle
Credit: Activision
October 18, 2022: All eyes are turning to the Modern Warfare 2 release date. While we wait, scroll down for all the intel on the best Modern Warfare 2 AX-50 loadout.

Since appearing in 2019's Modern Warfare, the AX-50 sniper rifle has become one of the most popular long-range weapons in the Call of Duty franchise. The bolt-action sniper is capable of eliminating opponents with a single bullet even from long distances. It's also a popular choice with those that prefer to quickscope enemies in close proximity.

As attention begins to turn to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, players are patiently waiting for Infinity Ward to share more information on multiplayer, leaks have uncovered information on Killstreaks, Perks, and Field Upgrades appearing in the game.

Alongside those features, a Modern Warfare 2 gun list has appeared. In addition to new arrivals to the arsenal, there are several fan-favourite weapons mentioned. With that said, is the AX-50 in Modern Warfare 2? Here's all the intel you need to know about the sniper featuring in the next Call of Duty game.

Is the AX-50 in Modern Warfare 2?

Notable dataminer "Reality" claims the sniper will feature in multiplayer after discovering a string for the gun within the Warzone Mobile files.

It's unclear as to why there's so much Modern Warfare 2 content within the files of the battle royale but it's good news hearing plenty of popular weaponry is making its way back into the action.

Image showing Modern Warfare player holding AX-50 sniper rifle
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Credit: Activision

AX-50 Call of Duty history

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Although it's only featured in one Call of Duty title, the AX-50 has quickly become one of the most popular sniper rifles to use. Armed with impressive levels of mobility and limitless customisation opportunities, players can fine-tune the rifle to suit their style of play with ease.

With the iconic Intervention seemingly absent from Modern Warfare 2, there's a high chance of the AX-50 slotting into its place as players prepare to find the best long-range weapons to use.

How to unlock AX-50 in Modern Warfare 2

Information on unlocking the AX-50 remains a mystery as nobody knows whether it will feature in the game. The sniper rifle didn't appear during the two beta weekends meaning players could unlock it using two different methods.

The first depends on if the sniper is part of a weapon family. If so, players need to rank up a specific weapon platform in order to unlock a receiver. Once the receiver is unlocked, the AX-50 will appear in the loadout selection screen.

The second is a much simpler process. Simply reach the specified level by playing through the game

That's everything we know about the AX-50 appearing in Modern Warfare 2. Once the beta is underway, be sure to check back to find the best AX-50 Modern Warfare 2 loadout to have maximum impact in long-distance duels. In the meantime, check out our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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