All Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2

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Soldier carrying rocket launcher hiding behind car with tank in background
Credit: Activision

Since 2019's Modern Warfare, Call of Duty multiplayer features Field Upgrades. Field Upgrades are a specific range of equipment that regenerates over certain lengths of time. Ranging from supply boxes to the hugely popular Dead Silence, there are upgrades to suit all styles of play.

With attention turning toward the release of Modern Warfare 2, fans are waiting for intel on multiplayer and the maps that will appear in a vast range of game modes.

Thankfully, we already know some of the Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades appearing in multiplayer. Find all there is to know about the pieces of equipment in this handy guide.

Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades

Before fans got the first look at Modern Warfare 2 gameplay, a number of content creators attended an event at the Infinity Ward studio where an early multiplayer build was on show.


The developer also showcased some of the brand-new items players can use during multiplayer matches. Here are some of the new additions.

Tactical Camera

Players can use this particular Field Upgrade to spy on specific areas of the map. These cameras have a battery life which means you can only use them for a temporary length of time.

If an enemy comes into view, it beeps to make you aware of their location.


The DDOS Field Upgrade acts like an EMP from previous games. When using the DDOS, players can use it to disrupt nearby equipment and vehicles.

For those using a vehicle, a DDOS will cause it to stall, triggering a prompt for the driver to restart the engine.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 soldiers on a boat
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Credit: Activision

Drill Charge

The Drill Charge is another Field Upgrade that will be familiar to Rainbow Six players. The drill can break through walls before it fires a grenade on the other side.

It's a great tool to use against vehicles as the grenade will eliminate everyone inside.


Inflatable Decoy

The last Field Upgrade we know of so far is the Inflatable Decoy which resembles a multiplayer character. Players can manually deploy the decoy which automatically looks at them in a bid to make a distraction.

In addition, it crouches in tight spaces and even replicates a swimming position if you choose to use it in water.

That's all of the Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades we know of so far. As we near the release, we will update the list with any new additions that appear.

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