Cold War Zombies Update Resets Camo Progression

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Zombies in Black Ops Cold War has proven to be immensely popular amongst the passionate community as the battle between Omega and Requiem continues. The latest instalment in the undead story bought in a wealth of new features including the ability for players to create their very own loadouts. Alongside the loadouts, players can also unlock a huge variety of bright and colourful camouflages that can be equipped to the arsenal.

Much to the annoyance of players looking to get their hands on the Dark Aether camo, a recent update is causing the progression of challenges to reset and preventing them from accessing camos that they've already unlocked.


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Cold War Zombies Camo Reset

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Plague Diamond Camo

Reddit user 'noeltorious' was one of several players to fall victim to this infuriating issue. Despite having unlocked Dark Aether, the player is unable to access the rare reward, much to their annoyance.


Thankfully, the bug hadn't performed a total reset onto the camo challenges that can take several in-game hours to complete. "This happened to me before," stated another user. "I logged in to find all my camos were gone and my Perks, Field Upgrades, and Weapon Classes were all reset back to Tier 1." Despite reporting the problem to Activision, the user claims that nothing was done.

Will The Camo Glitch Be Fixed?

It's unclear as to whether Treyarch is aware of this issue impacting several players that have put several hours into unlocking the available camouflages. Considering that the issue appears to have affected several players, the Zombies community will be hoping that some kind of fix is implemented in the not too distant future. Until then, it's probably best to check if your camo progression hasn't been reset.

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