Bizarre Cold War Zombies Glitch Turns World Upside Down

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With Season 5 Reloaded of Black Ops Cold War in full swing, players have discovered a hilarious new glitch in Zombies' Outbreak mode which turns the entire map upside down. Zombies has always added a fun element to the game and it has always been an exciting experience for the players.

While the focus begins to turn towards the release of the fourth and final round-based map, Reddit user 'Peufect' posted a two-minute-long video showcasing how this bug is causing the entire map to turn upside down and disorienting players.


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Cold War Zombies Upside Down Glitch

Zombie Mode in Black Ops Cold War

The clip shows the player is running throughout the map and fighting multiple zombies with their screen turned upside down. The community was quick to react to this somewhat unusual problem:


"I never realized how disorienting this could be until I started playing cold war and getting used to the way it plays. I'm so glad I've been bug free so far, but goddamn they need to fix this sh*t."

While it may seem like a harmless bit of fun, it appears that this glitch has been in Cold War Zombies for several months, meaning Treyarch has yet to address this frustrating issue. Thankfully, one user has managed to figure out a temporary solution to revert the view back to normal.

How To Fix Cold War Zombies Upside Down Glitch

One commenter revealed that taking a trip on a Zip Line will flip the view but managing to navigate your way to a Zip Line when the world is upside down, making it to one of the quick-travel locations is much harder than it sounds.


As more players encounter this particular glitch, it's highly likely that Treyarch is working on some kind of fix to prevent it from happening again.

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