Bizarre Cold War Zombies Bug Transports Players Under The Map

Zombies in Black Ops Cold War has always added a fun element to the game and proven to be immensely popular amongst the passionate Call of Duty community. As players patiently wait for more information surrounding the fourth and final chapter of the Dark Aether storyline, a number of bugs and glitches have begun to appear.

Alongside an issue that turned the entire world upside down and an exploit that has reset the progression of camouflages for many, this latest glitch involves players using the Chopper Gunner and being transported into another dimension underneath the intended playing area.

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Cold War Zombies Chopper Gunner Bug

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Reddit user 'Sandman343' posted a video where they can be seen calling in a Chopper Gunner Support Streak and rather than ascending into the skies, the helicopter flies straight into the ground, much to the confusion of the player. While the chopper should've stopped as it hit the ground, the vehicle continues to pass through the concrete and into the dark abyss underneath.

Other Zombies players were quick to react to the highly unusual glitch that seemed to occur during an Outbreak match. "I refuse to buy the new game. They can’t even finish this one,” one player commented.

When Will It Be Fixed?

With a number of players encountering this highly unusual bug alongside many others, it's likely Treyarch is aware of the problem even though the Zombies developer hasn't commented on the issues. Considering that Season 6 is a few weeks away and the release of the new map is on the horizon, it's likely that the next major update will feature a range of bug fixes that will ensure a smooth experience for all players.

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