How To Pack-a-Punch on Mauer Der Toten

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The Season 4 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War has bought in a wealth of changes to the game, including the release of Mauer Der Toten, a brand-new round-based Zombies map set in the dark streets of Berlin. Over the years, some features have become a mainstay of COD Zombies, especially the Pack-a-Punch machine that dishes out some incredible upgrades to all weapons in the arsenal as well as Wonder Weapons.

In Mauer Der Toten, there are particular steps that must be followed in order to gain access to the machine, involving dealing with an immensely powerful opponent. In this guide, find out how to turn on the Pack-a-Punch machine in Mauer Der Toten!


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Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch Machine Location

Mauer Der Toten Pack A Punch Location

The Pack-a-Punch machine is situated in a blocked-off area of the main street. It cannot be accessed until the power has been switched on by following the on-screen objectives. Once the power is on, follow the objective marker and head up the zipline where you will see the machine.


How To Activate Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch Machine

Upon arriving at the Pack-a-Punch machine, several undead opponents will be floating above the ground in a circle. They won't harm you (yet) so approach the machine where you will be prompted to "confront the Dark Aether." Once activated, a Disciple will spawn along with a horde of opponents so be sure to keep moving in order to avoid being cornered.

Eliminate the Disciple as fast as possible in order to prevent it from charging even more Zombies. Once it's been defeated, the Pack-a-Punch will be operational and you can upgrade your weapons to make dealing with the undead that much easier.

Here's a simplified guide on how to activate the Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch machine:

  1. Switch on the power.
  2. Follow the "Investigate the PAP Machine" on-screen objective.
  3. Locate and interact with the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  4. Eliminate the Disciple.
  5. Spend your Essence on weapon upgrades!
  • Tier 1 Upgrade: 5,000 Essence
  • Tier 2 Upgrade: 15,000 Essence
  • Tier 3 Upgrade: 30,000 Essence

There you have it! That's how to turn on the Mauer Der Toten Pack-a-Punch machine. Find everything you need to know about Season 4 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War by checking out our dedicated hub.

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