Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded LIVE: Everything You Need To Know

Even though Black Ops Cold War is still in the early stages of Season 4, players are already looking ahead to what content will be arriving as part of the mid-season update. Season 4 Reloaded is expected to be full of brand-new content which will include the arrival of new Operators, new multiplayer maps, new weapons, and so much more.

With another huge drop of content expected, there is plenty for Black Ops Cold War players to get excited as Season 4 progresses towards the halfway stage. There's going to be a lot for multiplayer as well as Zombies, which will see the launch of a brand-new round-based map, much to the excitement of those that want to get their fix of slaying the undead.

Find everything you need to know about Season 4 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War in this dedicated hub!

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Latest News - Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes

Ahead of Season 4 Reloaded, Treyarch has released the full patch notes a few days prior to the second half of Season 4 getting underway. Click the link to find all the changes arriving to Multiplayer and Zombies.

Nuke Scorestreak Unveiled

Within the Season 4 Reloaded patch notes for Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has revealed that the Nuke Scorestreak will be arriving when the second half of the season gets underway on July 15th. The Nuke can be obtained by scoring 30 kills without dying.

Season 4 Reloaded Roadmap

Activision has officially revealed the roadmap for Black Ops Cold War's mid-season update! With the release of Mauer Der Toten and the return of Rush to multiplayer, there is plenty of content for players to get stuck into when Season 4 Reloaded begins on July 15th!

Mauer Der Toten Trailer

Zombies fans, rejoice! Treyarch has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Mauer Der Toten, the third round-based map to arrive as part of the Dark Aether storyline. Check out the trailer below.

Rush And Capture The Flag Release Date Confirmed

In a Call of Duty blog published on July 6th, Treyarch has confirmed that Black Ops 2 map Rush and Capture The Flag will be arriving as part of the mid-season update. Despite this wave of information, the developer has yet to reveal a start date for Season 4 Reloaded, which is still expected to launch on July 15th.

Mauer Der Toten Release Date Confirmed?

Notable Call of Duty leaker @WarzoneNewz has uncovered some information surrounding the release of Mauer Der Toten, the latest round-based Zombies map. According to the leaker the new map will launch on July 15th, coinciding with the start of Season 4 Reloaded.

Is The Days of Summer Event Returning?

Recent seasons have featured a variety of limited-time events where a range of exclusive cosmetic items are up for grabs. With Season 4 Reloaded, it is rumoured that the Days of Summer event will be making a return

Cold War Season 4 Reloaded Start Date

No information surrounding an official start date for Season 4 Reloaded has been revealed but based on previous seasons, we can determine an approximate date as to when the second half of the season will get underway. It's expected that Season 5 will start at the beginning of August, so we can assume that Season 4 Reloaded will begin in mid-July.


Out of the three Operators that appeared in the Season 4 roadmap, only one has been added to the game so far, meaning we can expect the others to join the roster as part of Season 4 Reloaded.

Salah and Weaver will be the latest arrivals, with players likely needing to spend some COD Points in order to obtain them.


Rush Black Ops Cold War Release Date Season 4 Reloaded
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So far, only one multiplayer map has been confirmed for Season 4 Reloaded and it is the return of a classic. Black Ops 2 map Rush will be the latest addition to the map pool but as of writing (June 24th), it's the only map that has been confirmed so far.

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Game Modes

Many fans of old-school competitive CoD got extremely excited when this particular game mode was spotted on the roadmap. Capture The Flag will be making its return to Call of Duty as the newest game mode as part of Season 4 Reloaded, much to the excitement of casual and competitive players.


OTs 9 SMG Black Ops Cold War Release Date Season 4 Reloaded
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The weapons set to arrive in the second half of Season 4 have already been revealed by Activision thanks to its blog posts. The OTs 9 submachine gun will be the latest SMG to join the ever-expanding arsenal alongside the Mace melee weapon.

The start of Season 4 saw the additions of the C58 assault rifle and the MG 82 light machine gun, both of which have proven to be extremely popular.


Mauer Der Toten Cold War Zombies Season 4 Reloaded Release Date Leaks Easter Egg
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While multiplayer is getting its fair share of new content, Season 4 Reloaded will be epic for Zombies fans. The mid-season update will finally see the launch of a new round-based map known as Mauer Der Toten.

Set in the murky streets of Berlin at the height of the Cold War, the next chapter of the battle between Requiem and Omega is set to be revealed.

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