New Executions Discovered In Cold War Game Files

After the launch of Season 2 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War, players are getting stuck into another batch of fresh content including new multiplayer maps, new Operators to unlock, and the hotly-anticipated return of Prop Hunt.

Since the mid-season update went live, several leaks surrounding upcoming pieces of content have been discovered within the files of the game, with the latest leak showcasing some of the brutal executions making their way to Black Ops Cold War in the coming weeks.

Executions can be performed by sneaking up behind an opponent and holding down Melee to trigger a devastating elimination to the unsuspecting enemy.

Here’s everything we know about the new executions arriving to Black Ops Cold War.

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Black Ops Cold War New Executions

Black Ops Cold War Finishing Moves Executions Leaked Plague Hound
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First discovered by @Earthbound_Fan, there will be a total of five new executions arriving to Black Ops Cold War during Season 2 Reloaded.

The executions range from a painful kick between the legs to players being able to summon a furry friend to take care of business. There’s even an appearance from a Plague Hound!

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When Will The Executions Arrive To Cold War?

Considering that the new executions have been discovered within the files of Black Ops Cold War, it’s highly likely that they will be releasing in the next few weeks.

The unique nature of the executions suggests that they will be available as part of cosmetic bundles that can be bought from the in-game store.

As always, leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt but this video evidence of the executions arriving to the game is certainly convincing.

If they don’t appear during Season 2 Reloaded, there’s a high chance of the brutal moves to feature in Season 3 which begins towards the end of April.

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