When Will Prop Hunt Return In Cold War?

Since its addition to Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer, Prop Hunt has been one of the most popular playlists in the entire game. As one of the few alternatives to the running and gunning action other playlists provide, Prop Hunt is a great party mode to put down the weapons and rely on cunning in order to score the win.

On March 11th, Black Ops developer Treyarch revealed that the game mode would be taking a “short break” much to the annoyance of players that enjoy hiding and seeking on a regular basis.

With the mid-season update fast approaching, many have been wondering whether Prop Hunt will be making its return.

With that in mind, when exactly is Prop Hunt returning in Cold War?

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Prop Hunt Cold War Return Date


Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt Return Date Season 2
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In a blog post published on March 25th, Treyarch revealed that Prop Hunt will be returning to Black Ops Cold War as part of the mid-season update.

The update is expected to go live on March 31st alongside a wealth of new content including a new weapon tuning pass, new maps, new Operators, and more!

Since its addition to Call of Duty on Black Ops 3, Prop Hunt has become a mainstay in the first-person shooter franchise thanks to its more casual and alternative style of gameplay.

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What's New?


Satellite Cold War Prop Hunt Map
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Treyarch also confirmed that Prop Hunt will be featuring brand-new props and two new maps added to the map pool.

For the first time, players will be able to hide in the sand dunes of Satellite alongside Miami Strike, a smaller version of Miami set in the sunshine rather than the gloomy darkness.

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