How To Fix Sail 630 Nuclear Bug

Bugs and glitches are a common feature in Season 2 Reloaded of Black Ops Cold War and it appears a new bug is causing significant problems for those that enjoy slaying endless waves of the undead in Cold War's popular Zombies mode.

The 'Sail 630 Nuclear Bug' error code has appeared on PC when players progress to the higher rounds of a game and kicks them back to the main menu. On some occasions, players are claiming that their respective accounts have been hit with a permanent ban once they attempt to get back into the action.

The bug appears to have impacted players since Treyarch released update 1.14 which saw a wealth of new content arrive in the game.

But what exactly causes the error and how can it be fixed?

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Sail 630 Nuclear Bug Causes

Reddit user 'Korlesa' experienced the issue and began some research into the causes of this bizarre error.

Having collected over 70 posts of players reporting the bug from Activision's support page, the user spotted four factors that appear to be contributing to the bug:

  • Players were on PC
  • Players were in a Zombies game
  • They were above Round 50
  • They all received the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug error code

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Treyarch's Response

After the Reddit post gained plenty of traction, Treyarch's Community Manager, Josh Torres, issued a response on the issue.

He stated that Treyarch "are aware that some players are seeing the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug message and then are unable to connect while seeing a ban message. The ban message is not a product of disconnect errors."

He also shared information from the development team revealing that "This error string is currently presented instead of the standard disconnect language when a disconnect occurs in the Zombies menus on PC. PC players would typically see, “Connection to the Blizzard game server has been lost. Please exit and try again. BLZBNTBGS000003F8.”

For those that have received a ban message after encountering the error code, it's not good news. Treyarch says the error has nothing to do with the error.

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How To Fix Sail 630 Nuclear Bug Error

As of writing, (April 8th) there is no way to fix this somewhat annoying error that is currently hindering Zombies matches.

Considering Treyarch is aware of the problem, it's likely that some kind of hotfix will be released in the not-too-distant future.

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