How To Complete The Unknown Signal Easter Egg In Outbreak

Since the Season 2 Reloaded update went live in Black Ops Cold War, radio has started popping up across all of the Outbreak maps.

This brand-new Easter Egg involves tracking down an Unknown signal that's being emitted from a random location within the four Outbreak zones.

Due to the completely random nature of this particular Easter Egg, it can be tricky to complete if the signal emitter doesn't appear in the first few rounds.

Here's how to complete the Unknown Signal Easter Egg in Outbreak!

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How To Complete Unknown Signal Easter Egg

The first step is arguably the longest as it involves visiting several locations in order to find out if the emitter has spawned into the map.

The easiest way to determine its location is to check the minimap for the radio icon. Once you've found the main emitter, listen to the full signal to begin the Easter Egg.

Warning: Plenty of Zombies will spawn once the signal has been activated so be sure to deal with them as fast as possible!

Here are all the possible locations for the emitter to appear:

  • Alpine - Hillside Cabins by a fire pit, behind the hockey goal on the frozen lake or next to the rocks at the First Aid Station.
  • Golova - Inside the Granary or on a table in the Lower West Town
  • Ruka - On top of a box in the Creek Dacha area or on top of barrels next to a shipping container near the Officer's Quarters.
  • Sanatorium - On the roof of Administration or in the central house in the Vacation Homes area of the map.

With the signal now playing, you must find three signal amplifiers that are in the near vicinity of the main emitter.

Zombies content creator MrDalekJD has provided some handy images revealing the locations of the signal amplifiers.


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It's important to listen to the signal that the emitter plays when switching through the different signals that the amplifier produces. Once you've found the right one, a cluster of undead opponents will spawn in. Deal with them quickly and match the other amplifiers with the emitter.

When all three amplifiers are emitting the same noise as the main emitter, head back to the location of the emitter where you will be able to listen to the full signal.

The emitter will play a classic Black Ops Zombies song along with plenty of Essence canisters as a reward.

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