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New Zombies Map Cold War (Map 3): Release Date, Location, Leaks And Everything We Know About Zombies DLC 2

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After the epic conclusion to Firebase Z, attention is slowly turning to where the third chapter of the Dark Aether storyline could be heading.


The ending of Firebase Z opened the door for the release of Outbreak, a large-scale, open-world Zombies experience offering players a brand-new way to fend off endless waves of the undead.

With the release of a brand-new mode, a wealth of new pieces of intel have been discovered, pointing towards where the next part of the story is moving to after the events of Outbreak.

Find absolutely everything you need to know about the third map for Black Ops Cold War Zombies in this article!

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC 2 Release Date

With the release of Outbreak at the beginning of Season Two, the likelihood of a brand-new Zombies map appearing at some point during the season is unlikely.

Players can expect a new Zombies map to appear in Season Three that will likely build on the events that take place in Outbreak.

Despite a lengthy wait until the official release of the map, there’s always a chance for some teasers to be discovered within Outbreak, Firebase Z, and Die Maschine.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC 2 Location

Although the exact location has yet to be revealed, there have been several rumours and leaks pointing towards a Zombies map taking place in Berlin.

According to @BlackOpsLeaks, in-game intel is pointing towards a map set in one of the key battlegrounds of the Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Berlin
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This wouldn’t be the first time a Zombies map has been situated in Germany’s capital. Iconic map Kino Der Toten from the first Black Ops title was set in Berlin. Is there a chance that it could be returning in some capacity?!

Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC 2 Map

With the potential return to Berlin, there’s every chance that elements of Kino Der Toten could be utilised in a similar way to how Nacht Der Untoten was used to create a section of Die Maschine.


It’s unlikely that Treyarch will be releasing a remastered version of the classic map, but it may still play a part in the telling of the Dark Aether story.

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Treyarch tweeted with a short video of a new location in Black Ops Cold War. @TheGamingRevo3 quickly realised this map is likely Sanatorium.

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