How To Craft The LT53 Kazimir Grenade In Mauer Der Toten

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Call of Duty Zombies is taking centre stage with the release of the Season 4 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. The mid-season update will see the release of Mauer Der Toten, the third round-based map of the Dark Aether storyline. Alongside the return of Mule Kick and the release of the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, Treyarch has created an all-new grenade known as the LT53 Kazimir.

For those familiar with Black Ops, the grenades will be familiar to the Gersh Device that created a small yet powerful black hole to draw any undead opposition to their spectacular demise. Here's how to craft this unique piece of tactical equipment in Mauer Der Toten!


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What Is The LT53 Kazimir Grenade?

Kazimir Grenade Mauer Der Toten

When placed, the grenade will open up and draw any opposition standing near it before killing them instantly once they reach the horizon. Utilising the grenades can be great for clearing out a congested area of the map or to give you some valuable time to escape a sticky situation.


Although Treyarch has remained tight-lipped on how the grenade affects the living, the patch notes have stated that "few know what happens to Zombies once they cross the threshold, but a brave agent is more than welcome to find out by jumping into the Kazimir's gravitational pull...," implying that players will be able to be teleported.

How To Craft LT53 Kazimir Grenade

Exact details on how to craft the grenade have yet to be revealed but recent speculation is suggesting that players will be required to collect salvage when eliminating Zombies, just like crafting other pieces of equipment. To build the grenade, you will need 2,000 uncommon Salvage parts, meaning it may take a while to gather the Salvage that is required.

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