Black Ops Cold War: Mysterious Bug Leaves Player Without Mini-Map During Match

Since the release of Black Ops Cold War in November 2020, there have been few bugs that have had a significant impact on the performance of the game.

Players have experienced issues that have prevented them from unlocking a variety of in-game camouflages along with other issues that have stopped players from being able to load into the game altogether.

As the first season of post-launch content enters its final stage and focus begins to switch towards Season Two, another bizarre bug has been spotted.

Here’s everything you need to know about the disappearing mini-map in Black Ops Cold War.

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Reddit user ‘A-Aron_James’ loaded into a core Kill Confirmed match on Nuketown, only to find that their mini-map had completely disappeared from the head-up display.

Just played a whole game without the mini map and I'm not on hardcore

While those that play the Hardcore game modes will see little issue with no mini-map appearing, having the map in the top-left corner of the screen is an integral tool when attempting to determine the location of any opposition on the map.

The source of the issue remains unclear, and with many players appearing to encounter the bug, can the problem be fixed?

How To Fix Disappearing Mini-Map In Black Ops Cold War

Although developer Treyarch has yet to address this issue with some form of hotfix, some players have found two solutions that appear to make the mini-map re-appear on the screen.

The first solution is by simply exiting the game then re-booting it.

Once you load into a Core playlist, the mini-map should appear on the screen. If that doesn’t work, there is a second solution that you can try.

Drop into a Hardcore match where the mini-map only appears when a Spy Plane or H.A.R.P is in the air. Once the game has finished, load back into a Core match and the mini-map should have re-appeared.

For those still encountering the issue, Treyarch is likely to fix the issue in a future update. Considering the severity of the issue, mini-maps shall be re-appearing in the not-too-distant future.

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