Black Ops Cold War: Players Reporting Weapon Camos Being Taken Away

The first season for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is in full swing.

While many players have been grinding multiplayer since the release of the game on November 13th.

Many players will be loading into the game for the very first time over the Christmas period.

However, a new bug has surfaced which appears to be affecting both new and seasoned players. 

Here's what we know! 



This was first noted in a Reddit post by u/Horimiya_fan-_- who has noted the following: 

Proof that Cold War is taking away camos that you unlock.

This is actually happening with 5 other guns. Honestly at this point the game is a fking waste of time. T

his has been a problem since launch but the fact that they didn't even fix this bug yet a month later??? 

The accompanying images showcase that they have the camo already attached to their weapon, and now it is appearing as locked according to the game.

This Reddit post has gained a ton of attention, and other users have noted their issues with the exact same bug as u/demo_mode and u/LeimBR note: 

Same issue here with the Milano. So I did my last point blank kill 74 out of 75 for the Milano. Got the point blank kill and got it gold. After the game was over it put me back at 71 out of 75. Whatever! So I played another game, did the same thing. Got all the remaining point blank kills. Got it gold (again). But after the game was over now it says I'm 72 out of 75. Now keep in mind that each time I did this the game showed me that I got last point blank camo and gold each time. I’ve now done this five times.

Oh, so it actually happened! Bought the game 2 days ago and the first challenge was to unlock a skin for Adler, getting 15 kills with a silenced gun.

Unlocked it while playing Nuketown, went to the menu to equip it and equipped normally. After I closed the game and opened the other day, the game thought I had 14 kills and had to get a single kill and unlock it again.


This appears to be a pretty big bug within Black Ops Cold War.

After all, who wants to dive into all of these weapon camo challenges, only for the game to take all the progress back! 

We will have to wait and see if Treyarch resolve this issue quickly in the next couple of days. 


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