Black Ops Cold War: PC Players Experiencing Fatal Error After Downloading Update 1.11

The release of update 1.11 for Black Ops Cold War has been met with polarising feedback from the often-vocal Call of Duty community.

The update that released on February 5th saw a number of issues addressed alongside the introduction of Zombies map Firebase Z, and the return of classic Black Ops 2 map Express.

While many players have managed to experience the last pieces of content releasing as part of Season One, many PC players have claimed that downloading the update has left them unable to load into the game thanks to a fatal error.

With several players encountering the issue, it has left their game unplayable.

Here’s everything we know about the issue.

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Black Ops Cold War Update 1.11 Causing Fatal Error

It is unclear as to why the update has caused many PC players to encounter a fatal error when starting the game.

Based on the image posted by Reddit user “idgamerd1”, the error occurs when the game is compiling shaders. During the process, the game stops compiling, leading to the error.

Black Ops Cold War Fatal Error Update 1.11
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Image courtesy of u/idgamerd1

After digging inside the crash reports, it appears that there is some form of conflict happening between the game files and the PC.

Considering that many players were able to play Black Ops Cold War prior to downloading the update, something within the update has rendered the game unplayable, much to the annoyance of players.

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How To Fix

As of writing (February 5th) no fixes for the issue have been found, leading to players expressing their frustrations across social media.

It’s more than likely that Treyarch is aware of this bizarre issue and is working on releasing a fix as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there is still plenty of Call of Duty fun to be had on Warzone!

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