BitLife president - How to become a politician

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing a character making a speech on a podium
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There's a near-endless supply of occupations on offer in BitLife, and if you want to become the BitLife president, that's entirely possible. This text-based mobile game has a surprisingly deep political gameplay system, as you rise the ranks from local councillor to ruler of your country - or even its dictator, if you wish.

In this BitLife president guide, we'll run through how to become the president of your country, as well as how to ascend the political ladder and reach that peak. That often involves unique role-playing choices, and toeing the line between moral good and moral evil, so choose wisely!


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What is the BitLife president role?

In BitLife, the president role is the highest political job you can hold. It's the top of the political career progression ladder, and comes with the highest salary, as well as an approval bar to gauge public reaction to your tenure.

Being the BitLife president functions differently from other high-society roles, like being a business owner or an actor. It doesn't come with a fame statistic, so you don't have access to activities like appearing on television or participating in a photoshoot. Instead, the focus of BitLife political roles is policy and decision-making.

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the range of political offices to run for

How do I become BitLife president?

As with real life, becoming BitLife president is no easy feat, and it'll take until your twilight years before you can even enter yourself into the election race. That's because you'll need a vast amount of political experience behind you, or your chances of succeeding at the election will simply plummet.

As you may expect, each country in BitLife has a slightly different political system. However, generally speaking, there are four or five types of political roles to hold throughout your life, ranging from school board director to president. You'll have to start at the lower rungs and work your way up, gaining influence and respect from the country's citizens. Most countries don't let you run for president until a certain age, usually between 35 and 45, so you'll want to cut your teeth on other political roles before advancing.

Once you feel ready to run for BitLife president, you'll have to partake in the election process. Head to the Special Occupations menu, select Political Offices, and then President. You can then choose which party you want to run for, your policy focus throughout the campaign, and the amount of money you're willing to spend. Of course, the richer you are, the more you can spend on campaigning, so the system favours those with plenty of disposable cash. Equally, you'll want to have enjoyed a high approval rating in your previous political roles to boost your chances of success.


Following that, there's a series of decisions you have to make. You'll have to decide how you act towards your party rival, as well as selecting how you approach certain scenarios during your rally. If you choose the correct, most logical options, the chances are you'll win the election. From there, you're BitLife president!

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the presidential election policy menu

What can I do as BitLife president?

After all that work getting elected, you'll be pleased to know that being BitLife president comes with plenty of perks. Not only do you get the prestige of leading the country, but you also get to make significant decisions. You can pass or veto law proposals - but be careful, as passing unpopular laws will reduce your approval rating. Equally, you can hold rallies, give speeches, or dedicate more of your time to certain policy groups to please your supporters.


Most excitingly, there is a constant range of dynamic decisions to make. For example, you could be offered a bribe to pass a certain law in exchange for a handsome sum of money. Doing so will give you this cash boost, but if exposed, it could send your political career tumbling down. You'll also get to make less impactful choices, such as deciding whether to have an affair with your aides (don't do this) or if you want to help your jurisdiction's homeless population.

These all add up though, as when it comes to re-election you'll want the highest approval rating possible. Running for presidential election costs millions of dollars, so if you spend all that but then fail to get re-elected due to bad decision-making in your first term, it will have been for nought. As such, you've got to strike a balance between indulging in your more authoritarian desires, and keeping your constituents happy.

What other political jobs are in BitLife?

Of course, if the presidential title is a little too overwhelming, you can hold more minor political roles instead. Most countries have a variety of school governor and local mayor roles, with unique positions sprinkled between them. While the amount of influence and power is reduced, the gameplay functions in a similar way, with you making decisions on policy and people skills. It's more low-risk, as it costs less to run for election, and is easier to be re-elected. However, it doesn't come with the undeniable prestige of being president, so you'll have to weigh up your options.


That's everything you need to know about becoming BitLife president! It's no easy feat, and it will require plenty of trial and error (and even more spare cash) until you finally win the coveted presidential election. However, having all that power is irresistibly fun - just be sure to keep your citizens happy, otherwise it could all come crumbling down.