Battlefield 6 'May Not Launch On PS4, Xbox One'

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Industry insider Tom Henderson is back with more Battlefield 6 information, this time suggesting that the upcoming shooter will only be appearing on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series systems, skipping the last gen consoles of PS4 and Xbox One.

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Battlefield 6 'May Not Launch On PS4, Xbox One'

Speaking on Twitter, Henderson - who has a reliable track record with other major leaks - says he is 'yet to hear' any information on the next iteration of EA DICE's shooter releasing on last gen systems.


Although a new Battlefield game has been confirmed to be in development, there has been no official reveal of the game - including whether or not it will actually be called Battlefield 6 - as yet. That said, another leaker also revealed earlier this week that they expect the first trailer to arrive soon.

EA have confirmed the game is in development, and the smart money is currently on a Fall release date. It's rumoured to be launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one, something which - as Henderson points out - would ensure a pretty solid playerbase at launch, even if it does skip the older consoles.