Leaker 'Confirms' Battlefield 6 Trailer Date, Says Levolution Will "Blow Your Mind"

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As we hurtle towards what seems to now be the inevitable Battlefield 6 reveal, another leaker has suggested the trailer is indeed imminent.

Kolibri took to Twitter to discuss the game's reveal, and suggested fans will have plenty to get excited about.

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Leaker 'Confirms' Battlefield 6 Trailer Date, Says Levolution Will "Blow Your Mind"

There's been increased chatter of late that Battlefield 6 will finally be revealed to the public at some point soon, and Kolibri has reiterated that, even going so far as to name a specific date of 11th May.

Kolibri also went on to reference fellow leaker Tom Henderson - who has a fairly solid track record when it comes to Battlefield alongside Call of Duty - when discussing the game's Levolution (the process of the game map evolving through destruction and other events).

Echoing Henderson's past praise for the game's apparent huge evolution of the system, Kolibri said that "Big explosions and destruction will blow your mind, Things like smoke, water, rain and fire are incredibly realistic."

It's not the first time that the destruction of the game's environment has been the focus of speculation, with an earlier leak discussing how an explosion at the top of a building can cause reverbrations and debris to rattle throughout the lower floors.

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Here's hoping that his information is correct, and we only have a couple more weeks to wait until we get our first real look at the game.

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