Battlefield 6 Destruction Rumours “True” According To FX Artist



The Battlefield franchise is synonymous for its large-scale, action-packed multiplayer that often relies on co-operation as opposed to outright skill.

Alongside the large-scale warfare, the destruction that adds a new layer of realism in the first-person franchise is a feature that often sets it apart from its competitors.

As fans patiently wait for new information surrounding the release of Battlefield 6, a visual effects artist has seemingly leaked information revealing that the rumours surrounding improved destruction are true.

Could this be misinformation or is BF6 going to feature the most realistic destruction model ever seen?

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Battlefield 6 Destruction

According to Reddit user ‘FXFreax21’, new real-time destruction technology is being used in the development of the new Battlefield game.

BF6 Destruction 'rumours' are seemingly true

The FX also revealed that they were shown a tech demo showing the new technology in action, and after seeing a building collapsing and burying a truck in rubble, they said that the tech “blew my mind.”

Alongside improvements to destruction, the artist also stated that if an explosion takes place at the top of a building, it can reverberate throughout the building and will send debris into the floors below.

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Is It Legit?

While the leak does come without a source, it does tie into the rumours that suggest Battlefield 6 will feature city-wide destruction throughout its single-player and multiplayer modes.

Based on this unverified tech demo, Battlefield 6 could well be the most immersive and destructive instalment in the franchise.

As always, leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, but with minimal information on Battlefield 6 and its features, this is certainly positive news for fans of the franchise anticipating another epic Battlefield title when it releases in late 2021.

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