Battlefield 6 To Potentially Feature Destructible Cities

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Since the summer update for Battlefield V, information surrounding Battlefield 6 has been sparse.

We know the next installment in the legendary FPS is coming next year, but EA has been quiet over recent months.

While it has now been confirmed we will be getting a brand new Battlefield towards the tail-end of 2021, players are still itching for news.

Now, a new leak has surfaced which alludes to the physics engine going to be within the game.

Here's what we know! 



Tom Henderson, a reputable leaker within the community posted a rather cryptic tweet during the week.

Within this tweet he notes the following: 

It started with one and ended up with many #Battlefield #Battlefield6

Along with this text, he posted an image of a skyscraper collapsing within Battlefield 4.

Now, we may be stretching a little bit here, but this does potentially mean we could see a brand new physics engine within the new game.

The latter part of the tweet and ended up with many could potentially be talking about the future of the Battlefield series as a whole.

Full-blown city destruction is something we have not seen in the series, and it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase this with the capacity of the next-gen consoles. 

We will have to wait and see what EA is planning with the next installment of the legendary series. 


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