Battlefield 6 Set For Spring 2021 Reveal According To Leaks

Since the summer update for Battlefield V, information surrounding Battlefield 6 has been sparse.

We know the next installment in the legendary FPS is coming next year, but EA has been quiet over recent months.

With the holiday season in full swing now, we can perhaps expect a reveal sometime soon.

However, a notable leaker has pointed out we should be looking ahead to the Spring of 2021!

Here's what else they had to say. 

Reveal Date 

The infamous @_Tom_Henderson_ has finally given us more info on a reveal date for Battlefield 6!

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From the tweet above, you can see the announcement is likely to be on May 7th 2021 for a release later this year.


Tom Henderson on Twitter who is a notable COD and Battlefield leaker commented a bit on the possible reveal of the next title.

They noted the following: 

There's obviously going to be some concern because of BF V, but I believe everything they are doing this time around is going to be what fans want. Feedback from 3rd parties has been overwhelmingly positive compared to previous instalments. But don't expect a reveal until Spring.

There are two noteworthy points that Tom makes throughout his tweet.

The first one is the fact that apparently the game has already been tested by people outside of EA and Dice; signaling the game is on its way to being finished.

The second point that is important to us, is the fact that Tom notes the reveal of the game will not be coming until Spring of 2021.

Setting the game up perfectly for a Fall 2021 release date if all parts go to plan.

Whether or not these leaks are true is unknown as of now, we will have to wait and see.

One thing is for certain however, we are more than excited for the new Battlefield! 


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