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Battlefield 2042: Will There Be Crossplay And Cross Platform Gameplay?

Battlefield 2042 has finally been revealed, and with no single-player campaign and a whopping 128-player matches, it'll be more important than ever to squad up with your friends.


With crossplay becoming more prevalent, could this be the instalment that lets us play together across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC?

Here's all we know, and we'll keep updating this as we hear more.

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Cross-Platform In Battlefield 2042

At the time of the announcement, EA and DICE haven't mentioned the possibility of crossplay.

In a recent preview event, though, DICE's general manager Oskar Gabrielson noted that players have wanted cross-play – and said more will be shared in the future.

Battlefield V doesn't support the feature, and EA has been one of the publishers a little slower to implement it, even across juggernaut franchises like FIFA and Madden. Its other big shooter franchise, though, Apex Legends, does support crossplay.

Rival franchise Call of Duty has supported crossplay in Modern Warfare's 2019 reboot, free-to-play battle royale Warzone, and latest release Black Ops: Cold War, so the precedent is there.

As for cross-generational play, it's unlikely that PS4 and PS5 players will be able to play together, and same with Xbox One players and Xbox Series S/X players.

While not confirmed, that's due to both generations having separate player counts, with next-gen hardware supporting a whopping 128-players, while PS4 and Xbox One will support 64-players.

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