Best Controller Settings for Battlefield 2042

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If you're getting stuck into Battlefield 2042, you'll need to feel comfortable playing. For those of us on controller, this is possible, but some of the controls might feel a bit off. So, here's the best controller settings for Battlefield 2042.

Of course, everyone's playing style is going to be different, so if these controls don't work for you, feel free to tweak them to your personal preference.

Best Battlefield 2042 Controller Settings

For this guide, we're using handy tips from XclusiveAce, a prominent Call of Duty Youtuber and controller player. It's a great place to start when figuring out your controls, so here's the lowdown on your infantry unit starting point.

On Foot

  • On Foot Sticks: Default
  • On Foot Buttons: Default (Alternate if you prefer to melee with circle and crouch with R3)


  • Soldier Stick Aim Sensitivity: 55
  • Invert Look For Soldier: Off
  • Field of View: 68 (equivalent to COD's 100)
  • ADS Field of View: On


  • Soldier Sprint: Toggle
  • Double-tap forward to sprint: Off
  • Sprint Keybind: Default (L3)
  • Sprint to vault over: Off
  • Always use traversal sprint: Off


  • Soldier Weapon Zoom: Hold
  • Zoom keybind: Default (L2)
  • Steady Scope: On
  • Steady Scope keybind: Default (L3)
  • Soldier zoom aim sensitivity: 23


  • Parachute auto deploy: Off
  • Air spawn parachute auto deploy: Off
  • Quick throw grenades: Off
  • Reload hints: On


  • Vertical stick aim ratio: 15
  • Vertical stick zoom ratio: 15
  • Uniform soldier aiming: Off
  • Coefficient: (doesn't matter, refers to uniform soldier aiming)
  • Zoom transition sensitivity: On
  • 1.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 1.25x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 1.50x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 2.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 2.50x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 3.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 3.50x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 4.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 5.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 6.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 8.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47
  • 10.00x zoom aim sensitivity: 47 (sniper players - keep an eye on the high zoom aim sensitivities! Tweaking this to your own personal preference could help you a lot)

Controller Tuning

Controller Left Stick

  • Center deadzone: 5
  • Axial deadzone: 50
  • Max input threshold: 100

Controller Right Stick

  • Center deadzone: 5
  • Axial deadzone: 50
  • Max input threshold: 100

Controller Triggers

  • L2 deadzone: 0
  • L2 max input threshold: 91
  • R2 deadzone: 0
  • R2 max input threshold: 91

Additional settings

XclusiveAce mentioned a couple of other helpful changes you should make to your settings, so here's a few more bits to check:

  • Camera shake amount: 0
  • Motion blur: 0
  • Chromatic abberation: Off
  • Film grain: Off
  • Vignette: Off
  • Lens distortion: Off

Hopefully, that'll help you out as you jump back into Battlefield 2042! Something to note is that Field of View is not the same as it is in Call of Duty. Battlefield uses a vertical FOV whilst COD uses horizontal, so the numbers will be lower for 2042.

Also, with regards to controller deadzones - if you're experiencing stick drift with your specific controller, go ahead and change it up. It might not be perfect for your sensitivity preferences, but a higher deadzone value means a lower likelihood you'll fall victim to stick drift.

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Stick around here too - we'll keep you updated with more of our favourite settings when we've played more of it! Having more time to get used to things will be really handy.

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