Battlefield 2042 Reveals Cryptic YouTube Announcement

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A Battlefield specialist wears sunglasses and looks at the camera.
Credit: EA DICE

An announcement has been revealed by the Battlefield 2042 Twitter account. They posted a Tweet reading:

"Me. You. YouTube. Two hours from now. Sound good? Kk."

Very cryptic. Here's the Tweet:


At the time of writing, we have no idea what the announcement is going to be. Whether it's brand new content and exciting information on Battlefield 2042's game modes and guns, or just another piece of marketing material.

Fans are divided on what they want from the announcement in the replies - some are desperate for the Specialists system to be axed in favour of class specialisations, whereas others suspect it may be an advert in collaboration with Xbox.

When Can You Watch?

The announcement is available at 4 pm UK time. That's the 11 am EST and 8 am PT.


You'll be able to access it on the YouTube channel of the Battlefield games, linked here and in their Tweet.

We'll keep you updated if you can't make it to the announcement too! While you wait, why not learn a bit more about the world of 2042, such as how the new Hazard Zone mode works, or info on the robot dog you can deploy.