Is Battlefield 2042 Using The Frostbite Engine?

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The Battlefield series has long been known to run on the Frostbite engine to deliver its stunning graphics and highly interactable game world. The game is confirmed to also run on Frostbite Engine too. However, will Battlefield 2042 set a new benchmark for this game engine?

Frostbite Confirmed

As seen on the official site, the Frostbite engine is still included in this upcoming project. Its icon can be seen among developers who’ve worked on the Battlefield 2042 project. At best, we can assure that Battlefield 2042 is running on the Frostbite engine as did previous Battlefield entries.

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Push Boundaries Or Same Old?

Battlefield 2042 will EA’s first Battlefield entry to release on the ninth console generation. The game will run on the latest PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X which have superior hardware in the business for the coming years. More than superior hardware, these consoles also use features that weren’t possible for the previous generation when it comes to graphics.

Even though the title will be released to the latest consoles, EA and Frostbite has yet to confirm if there will be any improvements on the engine that’ll be used on Battlefield 2042. Potentially, this upcoming game may be the first Battlefield entry to use the next Frostbite 4 or just go for more Frostbite

In Development

The last DICE developer stream, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson confirmed that the team worked for three years for the new weather and Levolution system in Battlefield 2042. Gabrielson notes that it would be cool to have a tornado tear through the map while the players are fighting.

As seen in the official Battlefield 2042 trailer, one of the maps where the soldiers are fighting shows a tornado pulling in every soldier and vehicle in its way. However, the soldiers have gliding suits that they can use to fly out of the tornado safely.

Battlefield 2042’s Frostbite engine is designed to handle players approaching the tornado and possibly even use the winds to be an area where many players can use it to propel themselves into to the farther parts of the map. Moreover, it could be possible to have gunfights inside the tornado if the game’s systems and features allow it.

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