What's In The Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition?

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After taking their time, EA and DICE have revealed which consoles Battlefield 2042 will appear on and the various editions players can get, assuming they like all the new features announced for this game.

Fans won’t be surprised to know that there is a Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition for digital buyers and has a ton of things for those that want to take part in 128-player battles right away.


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What's In The Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition?

Without further ado, here’s what will be in the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition.

Exclusive Skins

As part of the Midnight Ultimate Bundle DLC pack only available through the Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042, fans will have exclusive skins to use.


These include the ‘Shadow Stalker’ skin for playable characters, an ‘Obsidian’ weapon skin, and the ‘Onyx’ vehicle skin. EA and DICE haven’t revealed what these skins look like but we’re sure they’ll be revealed soon.

Year 1 Pass

We’re going to assume that this will be the first Season/Battle Pass given the name of this piece of DLC.

This will be very useful for fans that want to dedicate more time to Battlefield 2042 but might be a hard sell for players who want to play casually.


Still, at least fans will be able to get a lot of cool rewards by playing and completing several objectives.

Early Access For The Game/Beta

A big bonus for early and late buyers, as anyone who picks up the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition can try out the beta or play the game earlier than anyone else.

It’s not exactly an original tactic but we’re sure that some gamers will get it so they can get their hands on the game a bit early.


Cross-Gen Bundle

If you have a PS5 and PS4 or Xbox Series X and Xbox One, the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition will give you both games.

Obviously, the next-gen version is better since you can play with 128 players while the current-gen versions only allow 64 players but that’s also nothing to sneeze at.

Digital Artbook And Soundtrack

These are common extras in digital games these days so we’re not surprised to see them on the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition.


We’re sure fans of the series will appreciate them.