Where Are The Battlefield 2042 Maps In Real Life?

Battlefield 2042 is going to be an insanely big multiplayer game, given how the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X versions will have 128-player games, so fans are expecting big maps to play on.

We aren’t sure how big these maps are going to be but with rumors of a free-to-play version coming, likely so they can fill that 128-player quota, it’s clear that EA and DICE want this to be one of the most-played video games for the holiday season.

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Where Are The Battlefield 2042 Maps In Real Life?

Still, say what you want about EA and DICE, but they do care about getting accurate real-life locations, though not actually naming them on the game itself.

Thanks to the PlayStation Blog, we now know which countries and real-life locations that Battlefield 2042’s maps are based on, along with what players will be doing in these maps.

Kaleidoscope [Sogdo, South Korea]

This cityscape features dense roadways and skyscrapers that can be explored, or if you’ve got a wingsuit, leaped off. It’s here that a tornado that dwarves the glittering buildings will make its presence known.

Manifest [Brani Island, Singapore]

Supply lines are under threat in this key location for global trade.

Orbital [Kourou, French Guiana]

Players will battle in the shadow of a towering space rocket pad that’s counting down to an imminent launch.

Discarded [Alang, India]

Clash around, through and on top of massive ship hulks and the surrounding cranes.

Renewal [Eastern Desert, Egypt]

Wrestle for control of an agriculture technology centre in the Egyptian Desert.

Hourglass [Doha, Qatar]

An approaching sandstorm will shift the tide of war taking place at the heart of a city.

Breakaway [Queen Maud Land, Antarctica]

From hot deserts to icy landscapes: oil and gas are the key resources being fought over here. Insert on the mountaintops with a wingsuit and you can dive into industrial buildings below.

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