Back 4 Blood: Beginner Tips

In Back 4 Blood you are going up against hordes of zombie-like creatures that have pretty much taken over the entire world. You get to play as one of the Cleaners who are pushing back against The Ridden. However, as a beginner it can be a bit daunting to go up against so many angry monsters, so we have put together some beginner tips to help you out!

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Back 4 Blood: Beginner Tips

Keep Your Team Healed

Teamwork is an important, if not the most important, part of the game. Without your team around you, there is a very high chance that you will be overpowered by the hordes of mutated monsters and this is why you need to keep your team healed. If you keep healing your team alongside healing yourself, all of you will be able to fight off the monster hordes and keep each other alive.

Customise Your Decks

Cards are a huge part of the game. You can customise your own deck of cards to make your own successful decks that can help you alter the game to benefit you. Also, if you take the time to customise your cards properly before a run then you could be giving yourself a better chance to fight back against the Corruption cards that the game director can lay down to make your game more difficult.

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Stick To the Higher Ground

Sticking to the higher ground will give you a fighting chance against all of the enemies. Yes, the zombie-like creatures can climb up to you but you will have a high vantage point so they will be easier to see and takedown. Also, if you're up high when a horde is triggered then you have a better chance of taking out a large amount of them with an explosive or a sniper.

Share the Ammunition

A selfish Cleaner is pretty much a dead Cleaner. If you keep all the ammunition to yourself then your team will suffer and could potentially die.

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When you find ammunition it's fair to fill yourself up but you should ping it to let your team know that there is some in the area. That way they can stock up if they need to and the bullets you share with them may be the same bullets that will save you later on.

Alert Your Team to Threats

There is a ping system within the game that will allow you to quickly mark out the larger enemies such as a Wretch or a Tallboy. These are larger enemies that can appear within the hordes and along your journey throughout the different levels.

If you ping these enemies as soon as they are spotted then your team will be alerted to their presence and you can defend yourselves. Also, keeping your team alert to enemies is highly beneficial when the level is dark or covered in Fog because enemies are hard to see until they're in front of you.

Use the Practice Range at Fort Hope

Practice makes perfect and that's very true of a first-person shooter game. Throughout the game, you will be able to pick up a variety of weapons or purchase them from Vendor crates at the start of levels. Either way, it will be really useful for you to have experience in using all of the weapon types including Sniper Rifles and Axes. Many of the weapons can be found at the practice range in Fort Hope and you can spend as long as you like practicing against dummy targets to perfect your aim.

If you want to know more about playing the game then you should take a look at our other guides in our walkthrough hub.

Protect Your Team

Your team is your lifeline, so it pays to protect them because they are watching your back as much as you watch theirs. If you do not watch out for your team and they end up dead, you are putting yourself in danger too. Protecting your team and working together is good game etiquette, especially in a game that is designed to be a cooperative multiplayer!

As you spend more time playing Back 4 Blood you will develop your skills and eventually be well equipped to take on the masses of zombie-like monsters at higher difficulties. It pays to understand how to unlock all of the Cleaners because they are all unique but together, they can make an epic team! Also, we have a guide on how to kill a snitcher as they are notoriously tricky enemies.

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