Back 4 Blood Walkthrough Hub

This is our guides hub for Back 4 Blood, the first-person cooperative shooter where you gear up as one of The Cleaners to take down the infestation of The Ridden that have dominated the rest of the world. You're going to face many challenges throughout the game so we've put all of our guides in one place so that they're easier to find when you need them.

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The Cleaners

Here, you will find links to all of our guides for or about The Cleaners. Use these to learn as much as possible about the main characters, who you're going to play as, and even how to customise how they look!

The Ridden

Back 4 Blood Stinger Ridden and Karlee
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Here are all the links to guides that are about The Ridden or about facing challenges produced by them in the game.

Weapons Guides

We've put all of our links to guides revolving around weapons in the game right here!

Update Notes

You can find any of our patch notes for the game here.

Basic Guides

This is where you're going to find the rest of our guides about the game. We have guides on the basics such as how to heal and we have guides on more complex parts of the game such as how to use the new card system.

We'll keep updating this hub each time we get a new guide for Back 4 Blood to ensure that all of the information that you may need on the game is right here!

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