Back 4 Blood: How To Unlock All Cleaners

Back 4 Blood lets to play as one of 8 characters known as The Cleaners. They're a team of survivors that are ready to fight back against The Ridden, the zombie-like creatures that have taken over the world. All 8 characters are playable but some take a little work to unlock, so we're going to show you how to unlock all Cleaners.

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How To Unlock All Cleaners

To unlock all of The Cleaners you need to complete 4 chapters of the game in Act 1. The bad news is that you cannot unlock the other characters if you're playing a solo campaign, which can be a bit of a drawback if you prefer playing that way.

At the start of the game, only 4 of them will be unlocked and these are:

  • Holly
  • Walker
  • Evangelo
  • Mom

Once you complete the 4th chapter of Act 1, you will then see a cut-scene that will introduce the remaining characters:

  • Karlee
  • Jim
  • Doc
  • Hoffman

After the cutscene has finished (if you're not playing solo) you will have unlocked them and they'll be ready for you to switch to.

How to Switch Characters

You cannot change characters when you're on a run, if you want to switch you will need to exit it.

Back 4 Blood Hoffman, Walker, Evangelo and Holly fighting off The Ridden
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You will be able to switch your characters back at Fort Hope too, whilst you're at the base you can open up your pause menu and the 'character select' option is where you'll be able to switch who you're playing as.

It's worth unlocking all of the characters in Back 4 Blood as all of them are different so there may be one that suits your playstyle or tastes. Luckily. we have a guide that tells you about all of the Cleaner perks and starter weapons which should help you on your way to choosing who you want to be!

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