Back 4 Blood: Cleaner Perks and Starter Weapons

Back 4 Blood is a co-operative first person shooter where you get to team up with your friends to take down The Ridden, zombie-like monsters that have engulfed the world. The infection began with the discovery of a small parasitic worm that soon began infecting humanity, turning them into monsters. You get to play as one of The Cleaners, a team of survivors that are fighting back. We're here to show you all Cleaner perks and their starter weapons.

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Who Are The Cleaners?

The Cleaners are a group of people who have managed to survive the apocalyptic events that have taken over the world. They're fed up with The Ridden and have taken it upon themselves to fight back. Each character has their own personality, skill set, and perk list that can work alongside the other characters to make the ultimate team.

Are They All Playable?

Yes, you can choose to play as any one of the 8 characters. It's worth taking a look at all of them to decide which one you think would suit your own personal play style the best.

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A Breakdown of Each Cleaner

Each Cleaner has perks that are unique to them and they all have one perk that applies to their entire team should you choose them. These perks are important to think about when you're building your team with your friends as they can be combined to make a powerful unit (if you're playing solo, it's harder to build a strong team).

Also, each of them comes with a secondary starter weapon from the beginning.


Back 4 Blood Mom
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Mom, as she's known, is the leader of The Cleaners but she rarely exercises her authority over them unless she needs to and she puts the needs of everyone else before her own. The loss of her son strengthened her resolve to end The Ridden's hold over the world and she's ready to wipe them out.


  • Instant Revive
  • Support Inventory
  • Team: Extra Life

Starter Weapon (Secondary): The Belgian


Back 4 Blood Jim
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Jim was born and raised in Finleyville (where the game is set and The Ridden has heavily infected) which means he knows the area extremely well. Going on hunting trips with his father as a child gave Jim skills he would unknowingly be using against a hoard of zombie-like monsters. After coming home from serving in the military, he joined The Cleaners.


  • Precision kills increase damage
  • ADS Speed
  • Team: Weak spot damage

Starter Weapon (Secondary): 357 Magnum


Back 4 Blood Doc
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Doc is, as the name suggests, the medical professional of The Cleaners and is often the one that can patch up the wounds that come with fighting a hoard of monsters. However, she's a good shot so she can defend herself. She has been very important in keeping Fort Hope operational (the home base for The Cleaners).


  • Can heal teammates with low health, even without any items
  • Healing efficiency
  • Team: Trauma resistance

Starter Weapon (Secondary): Beretta M9


Back 4 Blood Evangelo
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Evangelo is the youngest of The Cleaners but he's determined to show them that he is a valuable member of the team. Although he tends to talk a lot he has become known as one of the loyal and reliable members.


  • Regenerates Stamina
  • Breakout of grabs
  • Team: Movement speed

Starter Weapon (Secondary): Machete

Back 4 Blood The Cleaners taking on The Ridden
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Hoffman, Evangelo, Holly and Walker team up against The Ridden!


Back 4 Blood Hoffman
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When the apocalypse began, Hoffman spent his time hiding out with his mother but she sadly passed away. After her death, his supplies eventually ran out and he ventured into the world that was being ruled by The Ridden. He eventually came across and joined The Cleaners. He may be meticulous and an avid conspiracy theorist but his skill-set makes him an asset to the team.


  • Spawns ammunition with kills
  • Offensive item slot
  • Team: Ammunition Capacity

Starter Weapon (Secondary): M1911


Back 4 Blood Holly
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Holly lost her entire family to the infection, so she now puts all of her energy into being a Cleaner and helping the team in their fight against The Ridden. She's resilient and her constant positive attitude is why she is known as the one that keeps the team united. Holly has a baseball bat with spikes on the end that she's named Dottie which she can be found swinging at enemies.


  • Stamina recovers with kills
  • Damage resistance
  • Team: Stamina

Starter Weapon (Secondary): Spiked Bat (Dottie)


Back 4 Blood Karlee
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Karlee is a bit of a mystery as none of the other Cleaners know too much about her and she seems to want to keep it that way. At the start of the outbreak, she spent all of her time just outside of Fort Hope as she only trusted herself. Eventually, she decided to fight alongside The Cleaners but she is still seen as a nuisance at best although her skills make her an asset.


  • Can sense hazards
  • Quick inventory
  • Team: Use speed

Starter Weapon (Secondary): Tec 9


Back 4 Blood Walker
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Walker says very little but when he does say something, everyone else stands up and pays attention. He's a former Army Ranger with a lot of front-line fighting experience before the outbreak began and his commitment to the fight against The Ridden has gained him a lot of respect from his fellow Cleaners.


  • Precision kills increase accuracy
  • Damage
  • Team: Health

Starter Weapon (Secondary): Glock 23

All of The Cleaners are brought to life by a talented voice cast and each character is different but they come together to make a team that stands a fighting chance at survival in Back 4 Blood. Learning about them will put you in a good position for making a strong team where either you on your own or alongside your friends can push back against The Ridden! We have a guide that shows you how to get all of the cleaners too.

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