Back 4 Blood Voice Actors & Cast

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Back 4 Blood has a lot going for it, with that familiar Left 4 Dead gameplay getting a lot of old fans excited to pick this multiplayer shooter up and the fact that it’s on other consoles this time is a definite plus that plenty of people will appreciate.

The game seems to have something for everyone, unless you want a single-player experience, with Back 4 Blood making sure to give multiplayer fans plenty of options, including a big cast to choose from.


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Back 4 Blood Voice Actors & Cast

Knowing that Back 4 Blood has nine characters from the get-go is pretty impressive since this will allow players to choose who they think will represent their personality the most, which is always important.

So, for those that are interested, here’s the voice cast of Back 4 Blood and the characters they play.

  • Barbara Crampton as Mom
  • Abby Trott as Karlee
  • William Salyers as Hoffman
  • André Sogliuzzo as Jim
  • William Christopher Stephens as Walker
  • Mike Vaughn as The Ridden
  • Danielle Judovits as Holly
  • Michelle Wong as Doc
  • Alan Ayala as Evangelo

Now, this isn’t the full cast of Back 4 Blood yet since more characters are expected to be added via DLC, with the Annual Pass confirming new playable characters to use along with new stories to play through.

There’s no doubt that Back 4 Blood’s cast is going to do a serviceable-to-good job, though it’s not like that will matter much since there isn’t really a major campaign where we can see these characters get fleshed out.


Back 4 Blood is coming out on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on October 12.