Back 4 Blood: How To Heal Health and Trauma Damage

Taking on hordes of zombie-like creatures in Back 4 Blood is bound to hurt at some point which is why knowing how to heal your wounds is very important. Healing yourself is crucial and learning how to heal your team will give you all a fighting chance against The Ridden. There are a few ways that you can patch yourself up so we're going to show you how to heal health and trauma damage.

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How To Heal Health and Trauma Damage

You can heal in a few different ways in the game but unless you are at a Medical Cabinet, you will need to search around and collect supplies. It's a world that has been ruined by an apocalypse so medical supplies are few and far between so it's a good idea to grab any of them as soon as you see them.

When you have any medical supplies, they will show up on the right of your screen. All you need to do is hit the prompted button to equip it then at the same time hold your "fire" button and you will begin to heal yourself. Each medical item, apart from the Medical Cabinets, are single-use. Once you've used them once they will disappear from your inventory.

How To Heal Health

Find Bandages and Medicine

Bandages and Medicine can be scattered throughout levels which can make them easy to find. Typically, you will find them inside buildings or in the back of abandoned trucks. First Aid boxes can be found throughout levels too but they're slightly rarer to find than Bandages. Painkillers will heal you slightly but they are not as strong or effective as Bandages or First-Aid boxes.

If you cannot find any that are loose then you can find them within the orange supply crates hidden in each level too.

Heal by Using Medical Cabinets

Medical Cabinets are easy to spot as they are painted red with a white cross on the centre of them. They are typically found inside buildings or in the rooms at the rear of abandoned stores.

Back 4 Blood Medical Cabinet
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Though they are hard to find, once you do find them you can use them to heal yourself in the solo campaign and they will cost you Copper after a few uses. However, if you're playing the normal campaign with your friends then the Cabinets do have limited uses and will cost you Copper too, so you need to be strategic with how and when you use them.

How To Heal Your Teammates

To heal a teammate with low health you need to equip whichever medical supply you have and look at them. You will then be prompted with the correct control to heal your teammate. The medical supply will still be single-use, so if you use it on someone else it will still disappear from your inventory. If you are Doc then you can apply medical care to your teammates periodically throughout each level without needing any medical supplies.

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Buy Healing Supplies

At the beginning of every run, you will be in a Safe Room. Within this room will be a large orange Vendor Crate. This is a shop where you can buy items you may need throughout the level, including medical supplies. All available medical supplies will be in the shop but you can only hold one.

How To Heal Trauma Damage

Trauma damage is slightly different from normal health damage as it cannot be healed with the typical medical supplies. So far, the only way you can heal trauma damage is to make it into a safe room at the end of a level or use a medical cabinet.

Knowing how to heal is very important in Back 4 Blood and it will make you a valuable teammate to have. Also, it's worth knowing all of the Cleaner perks because some of them are tailored to specific things that can make them very useful in a team. We have a guide that shows you how to beat Snitchers to avoid them alerting hundreds of Ridden to your location.

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