What Time does Apex Legends War Games Start?

Apex Legends' next event, War Games, kicks off in just a few hours.

Likely one big hurrah before Season 9, the event brings back the divisive Maggie as an announcer - and she's got some new limited-time modes for our Legends to try and survive, too.

Here's when you can jump in and see what she's got cooking.

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Apex Legends: War Games Start Time

Judging by prior events, we can expect War Games to kick off at 6 PM BST.

That'll be when the game's cadre of rotating modes begins, although which one it'll start on is anyone's guess.

Check out the full list of events below:

Killing Time:

Every time a player is eliminated, the rounds speed up.

Auto Banners:

Automatically receive teammates' respawn banners when they go down, more mobile respawn beacons.

Armor Regen:

Armor will automatically regenerate after not receiving damage for a period, but this means no shield cells in the loot pool.

Flare Up:

Ring flares are back, but come and go much faster.

Armoured Drop:

This mode will let players drop in with level 1 armour and helmet, a few supplies, and a RE-45 with full attachments.

Second Chance:

The first time you're eliminated, you'll come right back in a dropship. You'll also keep your gear.


The map is covered in hot zones and flashpoints, meaning better loot. Armour also regenerates.

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