Apex Legends Getting Three New Weapons, According To Leaker

Apex Legends' next event, War Games, kicks off tomorrow, and it'll bring plenty more chaotic action in the form of multiple limited-time modes that rotate in and out.

With Season 9 on the horizon, though, it appears Respawn is working on more than just modes, according to longtime leaker Biast12.

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Apex Legends Getting Three New Weapons, According To Leaker

In a series of tweets, Biast12 revealed that there are currently three weapons in development for Apex Legends right now.

The first is the EPG, an "energy propelled grenade" launcher from the Titanfall games. In fact, Biast was able to catch a glimpse at the weapon being used, suggesting testing is well underway:

The second weapon mentioned is a compound bow, which had been mentioned a few seasons ago but still hasn't made an appearance – potentially due to the challenges faced to make it a viable weapon in a fast-paced battle royale.

Finally, it appears a new LMG is poised to make its debut in the Apex Games. We already have the Devotion and the Spitfire (my personal favourite), but it appears The Dragon will offer an LMG that fires light ammo.

In fact, you can check it out below:

We'll keep you up to date with any further developments, but it'll be interesting to see if any of the above arrive as part of Season 9.

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