Apex Legends War Games Event: Everything You Need To Know

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Apex Legends Season 8 is in full flow, and the Chaos Theory event is active right now, and while the Chinatown Market collab has been delayed, Respawn appears to have found time and resources for ANOTHER event taking place, this time dubbed War Games.

Details are still somewhat limited, but here's everything we know – and we'll be updating this as we hear more.

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Latest News

Update 1.65 Released - April 12

A new update for the game has been released a day ahead of the event going live. There are no patch notes just yet, but we suspect the new update is related to this new event.

More Skins Leaked – April 12

Shrugtal has spotted some bundles, along with their prices.

Check out their tweet below:

Release Date

War Games will kick off on April 13th, meaning it's just hours away.


Check out the event trailer below:

Limited-Time Modes

We're waiting to see if the event will introduce a new limited-time mode, but Shrugtal has leaked a new "Prize Tracker".

  • 5 Battle Pass Levels
  • 2 Charms (Never Surrender and Thermite Grenade)
  • Epic Rampart Skin: Cytokinetic
  • Epic 30-30 Repeater Skin: Incan Prophecy
  • Rare crypto Skin: Broken Syntax
  • Caustic Trackers

Check out the game's new modes below:

Killing Time:

Every time a player is eliminated, the rounds speed up.

Auto Banners:

Automatically receive teammates' respawn banners when they go down, more mobile respawn beacons.

Armor Regen:

Armor will automatically regenerate after not receiving damage for a period, but this means no shield cells in the loot pool.

Flare Up:

Ring flares are back, but come and go much faster.

Armoured Drop:

This mode will let players drop in with level 1 armour and helmet, a few supplies, and a RE-45 with full attachments.

Second Chance:

The first time you're eliminated, you'll come right back in a dropship. You'll also keep your gear.


The map is covered in hot zones and flashpoints, meaning better loot. Armour also regenerates.

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